Monday, November 15, 2010

Life's Little Blessings

A few days ago, I had a great conversation with my sweet friend and although I can't remember exactly how the topic started, it made me realize how lucky I am to have her in my life.  We hadn't hung out in a very long time (without our men at least) so it was great to have some one-on-one girl-time with her.  We talked about how our lives have evolved and how a true friend is so rare to find nowadays.  As kids, we were never close (and looking back I have no idea why), but it wasn't until several years ago that we actually started hanging out...and I think that was one of life's little blessings for me. 

It's strange you know?  How some people come into your lives and you think you'll be friends forever, but it doesn't happen.  And then there are other people (like my friend) who I have known for forever, but didn't actually make an effort to form a relationship with until a few years ago and you know what?  I would definitely label her as a forever friend.  Again, a blessing in disguise.

I do remember telling her that life has a strange way of working out for the best and seeing her this past year with all the changes has made me truly happy for her. I think I even told her I was jealous? In a good way, though, of course. :)

I think a great sign of true friendship is picking up exactly where you left off, even if you haven't seen each other or hung out in forever...and that's exactly what happened this past weekend. It was another great weekend.

Here's to great friendships and life's little blessings.


runnerEZE said...

if you are genuinely friendly, i think it will be natural that friends come and go...and you can pick up where you left off. stay 'jealous' of your friend. that way, you never let your life get boring!

datgrlthuy said...

i heart you l.vo