Hi lovelies! Thanks for stopping by.  I'm Linh and this is my blog.  I launched this little thing in October 2010 as a daily outlet from my job and as a way to communicate to the world about little happenings in my life. As for the name, which I give credit to my husband for the inspiration, it’s because he tells me I live so much of my life in La-La Land, hence La-La Linh.
I blog about weddings, fashion & design, home décor, and tidbits of my life as a newlywed.  Inspiration is everywhere and if I see it, I blog about it.  I LOVE DIY projects, all things vintage, and artsy crafty things. I love ruffles, lace, and romantic themes. Above all else, I love to offer advice/tips to help others as well as receive inspiration so please feel free to share.  I love learning!

I love so many things – food, my family/friends, hugs from my husband, our dogs, God, blogging, outdoor activities, all things happy, a comfy pair of sweats and tennis shoes, my favorite pair of ripped blue jeans, fashion, photography, shoes, traveling, the beach, a good inspirational book, Australia (even though I’ve never been), sweets of all sorts, a good laugh….and the list goes on and on. Oh yea, and I love me some POSITIVITUDE. I take a dose of it every morning. It's great for the soul.

So, I love my life! I just got married on 1.1.11 (how cool is that right?) to the most amazing guy ever.  I sometimes refer to him as "T" and he is such a super supportive and wonderful man. (More pics HERE)
We have 2 sweet and crazy doggies - Tyson & Ally.  Tyson is an all-testosterone "I want to play all day everyday" American Bulldog and we recently rescued Ally from a shelter.  She is the sweetest Boxer ever.  She is deaf and had a sister who got adopted by another family so we took her in.  We are blessed to have them both. HERE are a few more pictures of them.

(1) I'm 100% Vietnamese but was born in Indonesia and have grown up in Houston, TX since I was a month old.
(2) I'm a lefty.
(3) I can't swim, but I love the beach.
(4) I looked like a boy for much of my life, didn't wear makeup until I was in college, and am still very much a tomboy.
(5) I'm tall, I play sports, and I used to model.
(6) I walk by faith, not by sight.

Last updated: March 2011


Lady said...

ha! we have #2 and #3 in common lol I guess there is still hope for me yet...and i will try to up my dosage of positivitude : ) lovely blog

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I had to say - you have the cutest dogs ...We had a white boxer with blue eyes ...was so smart. Thank God she had no problems with her vision or hearing though...They are truly amazing gifts from God :) Enjoy yours!

Lara {simply irresistible blog} said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I'm loving it. So many beautiful things on here! Love your pups too. So adorable.

Denise Pacurar said...

Love this! Miss seeing your posts! Hope all is well w/ you hun!

xoxo Denise