Friday, December 10, 2010

Dreamy Draping for Your Wedding

With any event, ambiance is everything!  Setting the mood with the right music and the perfect amount of lighting always sets things off to a great start. However, if you are hosting your event (in this case, my wedding) in a less than beautiful ballroom, you may have to go the extra mile for that perfect look.  Thankfully, draperies can work wonders for those ballrooms that are older or just plain ugly. Take a look at these beautiful rooms from The Cinderella Project.

Top to Bottom: (Images via The Cinderella Project) One Wed, Van Vliet & Trap, Cheri Photography, Mindy Weiss, Details Details.


Maria Diego said...

Ooo I LOVE drapings!
Linh!! Your wedding posts are making me want to get married!!!
I'll definitely consult you when it's my turn ;)

Fabulous Fashion Finds said...

I am planning a wedding, and it's just so overwhelming to even start thinking about what I want. Too many ideas, and I look at everyone's wedding pictures, all are beautiful and perfect, and for me I am like, where do I start?