Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Moment of Silence (for Japan)...

Hello my lovelies! I have yet to post anything about the tragedy in Japan, but it's not because I don't care.  
I always try to post happy postings on my blog and things that will make others smile.
However, this event is something I am deeply saddened by 
and it breaks my heart to see the country suffering. 
Thousands of lives have been lost, many are still missing, and the country has suffered an unspeakable loss.  
I have been praying for them and hope you will continue to do the same.  
I am participating in the BLOGGERS DAY OF SILENCE tomorrow, March 18th and will not be posting anything. Please see more information about this HERE.
Please contact or to join. 

I know that from tragedy, something GREATER always emerges.  With that being said, I have compiled a few things to help encourage the country (and us) to help them rebuild their lives. 


{La Dolce Vita}
{The Urban Muse}


J said...

it breaks my heart to see that tragedy and the aftermath