Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Sapling Press Cards

Hello lovelies. I've been in such a weird mood this week.  A good weird postings this week are a little different. I think it's because I am coming across the same monotonous ideas over and over again and haven't really found much inspiration to post on my blog. Blah and Boring!

However, I got an "ohhh ahhh" moment when I saw these cards I found on Blush!nk. The company is called Sapling Press and they have an online Etsy shop. Not sure these would work for wedding invitations, but can you imagine if they came up with a cool Save-The-Date card for your wedding?  Contact her for custom orders.

Seriously, if my husband gave me one of these, I would love him more than I do right now.  Definitely made me smile and laugh reading these. I love them - don't you?!?!  Here are some of my favorites.

{Images via Etsy - Sapling Press}


J said...

love these cards!!! I might have to stock up!

Linh said...

Definitely! This is totally worth splurging on :)