Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: A Dogged-Out Wedding

We are proud parents to 2 crazy doggies Tyson and Ally.  I talk about them periodically in my blog and they're awesome.  When we were planning our wedding last year, we seriously considered having them take part in our wedding festivities.  If you are a dog lover/owner, then you have probably thought of the same thing also.  However, as I noted above, they are crazy.  Not crazy in a bad way.  They are just very active and playful pets, especially around newcomers.  Still,  I would have paid a million bucks to have Tyson in a tux and Ally in a tutu for our wedding pictures.  Haha!  Here's some inspiration for those who plan on having their pets in their wedding.  These photos are priceless.

{Top two images via Wedding Blog; Other images via Elizabeth Anne Designs}