Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Fridays: Bagley Mischka Spring/Summer 2011

Good afternoon my lovelies.  Are you excited that the weekend is quickly approaching? I know I am!  Have I told you how much I need a vacation? Seriously, if I don't take at least 1 every 6 months, I turn into a pumpkin.  So, I am hoping my husband is reading this and planning something for April or May...somewhere warm with a beach please.

Speaking of vacations, I guess I should start shopping for some resort wear and Bagley Mischka is the way to go!  Love these outfits! For all your newlyweds, keep these outfits in mind for your honeymoon. They are beautiful!

{Images via Elle}


Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfits. I love Bagley! Great designer -Emily