Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some "Dog" Gone Luck!

Good morning my lovelies! This past weekend, I took a few pictures of our babies since I haven't photographed them in a while.  Who knew they were so photogenic! Such great pictures of them. Can't wait to make them a little "nook" where their crates are. I'm planning on making a wall collage of pictures and tidbits of a "doggie's world."  Can you tell we love them so much?!?!

Actually, Tyson had a tough weekend (poor thing).  His tummy has been acting up and two nights ago, he almost gave my husband a heart attack.  While he was taking out the trash Sunday evening, Tyson somehow got out of the house and ran full speed down the street chasing a motorcycle.  He ran into a major street intersection as two oncoming cars barreled towards him honking their horns.  My husband, in a panic, ran after him and almost witnessed a freak accident.  Luckily, the cars swerved and no one got hurt.  However, my husband could tell Tyson's nerves were in disarray after he ran into the bushes and wouldn't budge.  He must have been dreaming about it because he was twitching in his sleep all night. So glad God was watching over him AND the drivers. It could have been an ugly sight. I swear...I think Tyson has nine lives.  We are once again reminded that pets, like babies, don't know any better and must be watched AT ALL TIMES. We don't know what we'd do without these guys.




Hanniehoang said...

omgosh! such cute puppy eyes!!!

Lindsey said...

Darling pictures. xox

Linh said...

Hannah: Ally is more photogenic than Tyson. Can't get enough of her blue eyes :)

Linh said...

Lindsey: Thanks! I actually had to trick them with treats to keep them still.

Jayme and Mendi said...

Linh - your babies are adorable! I (Jayme) have the brindle pit (Jade) that you saw in a recent post and two fawn boxers (Cooper and Barkley). They are our children. So glad everyone is OK and keep the photos coming!

Jayme & Mendi

Linh said...

Your doggies are sooo cute :) We wouldn't trade these nut heads for the world. Oh yea - you will be seeing them all over my blog.