Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top Pick Thursdays: Living Comfortably

Just came back from a home tour and I am crossing my fingers and toes that this will be THE ONE for us.  I am in love with this house and although it is pretty old, it has SO much potential.  I could see myself growing old in this house with our kids and dogs.

I actually saw the house yesterday, but my husband came with me today and mom popped in at the last minute too.  They both liked it (and mind you, mom can be hard to please at times).  I have already started daydreaming about how we will decorate it and renovate the home to make it our own.  There are SO many styles I LOVE, but I think at the end of the day, I really want something cozy and warm.  Modern and contemporary styles are great, but I think we are evolving into more classically vintage styles (with a modern twist of course). So, with that being said, my home decor top pick for today are beautiful cozy living rooms. All of these rooms are very inviting and the abundance of beige makes the room quite bright and open.  And the high ceilings don't hurt either. {daydreaming....}

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{Images via House Beautiful}


Jessie said...

Linh, oh how exciting it is to be house hunting and stumbling into 'The One'. Last year, when I was house hunting, it lasted between 1-2 months and it was so much fun. I just loved home tours and I wanted it to last for as long as possible. Fortunately and unfortunately, we found 'The One' house we both love and decided to take the plunge quickly so we don't lose out to someone else (fortunate). :) The unfortunate part is there will be no more house hunting which means no more home tours for me! :(

By the way, I love all gorgeous inspirations. The classic decorating styles are for here to stay.

Have a wonderful day, Linh!


Linh said...

I think I was a realtor in another life, but not because I want to sell homes but because I can pretty much see any home I want. Knowing me, I would probably try to buy every single one. :) Thanks for the sweet comments! This should be so much fun if the deal goes through and we can start planning our decor setup.

Jessie said...

Call it coincidence, I also wanted to be a realtor so I can look at other people's houses, too besides earning a good income. :)

I hope the deal goes through so you can start to decorate. Isn't that the most fabulous part? And having a blank canvas is every design enthusiast/ decorator's dream. Good luck!

You will post about the new house, right? Together with all the decorating you will do in the future, I really hope so. I love watching a room transforms!


Linh said...

Oh trust me - I will be taking plenty of before, during and after shots of our remodeling/updating word. Stay tuned! Happy Friday friend!