Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Pink Ink Paper & Calligraphy

Good morning my friends! So happy it's Wednesday already!  The week is actually flying by and I am ready for Friday aren't you?

I've been excited to post this for a couple days now and there are several reasons why.  First, I love Wedding Wednesdays. Every time I talk about weddings, I get all giddy and happy. Second, today's posting is about someone I actually know and admire dearly. And third, her work is pretty darn awesome.

Allison Nash is the creative extraordinaire behind Pink Ink Paper & Calligraphy. (That's her above. Isn't she stunning? And look at that fabulous bridal party! I wish I could show you all of her pictures!) She is an architect by profession but also loves all things design.  Her love for calligraphy emerged while planning her own wedding and she's been hooked ever since.  She has a wonderful blog you can see HERE and her Etsy shop is something you should check out HERE!  Allison does everything - from invitations to place cards to thank you notes - for ALL occasions (not just weddings).  HINT HINT - Mother's Day is less than 2 weeks away!!!  Want her to create something for you? No problem.  She will gladly accept custom orders too!  Seriously, there is nothing this gal can't do. 

{Images via Etsy-Pink Ink Paper}


Alli said...

Awesome Linh! Thanks so much!

Lindsey said...

Wow looking great Allison, and love the stuff! Will pass the word.

The Lenz Family said...

Isn't she amazing!?!?! I love checking out her stuff! Allison you are so talented! And I just love Wedding Wednesdays!

Linh said...

Alli: Thank YOU for making my blog look good!

Lindsey: Yes! Pass the word on please.

Danielle: Yes, she is and it makes me a little jealous. :) jk Great stuff!