Sunday, May 15, 2011

And the Winner Is...

 Good morning my lovelies! I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday, but much to my surprise, it is actually Terrific Thursdays! Score. I can already tell it's going to be a great day. I KNOW you've already started planning your weekend so what do you have in store? 

The husband and I have scheduled a slew of appointments for Saturday to look at more homes.  We have a HUGE list of homes we are interested in and I am praying something works out.  The last home we thought we be our "dream home" fell through, mainly for two reasons. We had to think long-term and whether or not it would be beneficial for us to maintain a pool we liked (but didn't LOVE) and how tolerable we would be that the master bedroom was on the 2nd floor.  My husband (bless his heart) did not want me walking up and down stairs, especially once I get pregnant (which is actually very smart).  So, after much praying, we decided to keep looking. 
Anyways, moving on from my ramblings, I am SO excited I reached 150 followers yesterday!  It came way earlier than I had expected, but that's even better because I have been so anxious to give THIS awesome American Apparel clutch away!  So, without further adieu, I am happy to announce that the WINNER of this great giveaway is....

I will be contacting you very soon so we can get the ball rolling on this.
I know you are excited to get your new accessory!   
Thanks again to EVERYONE that entered, followed, and helped me spread the word.


Alexa said...

Hey! Good morning! Just wanted to say that you are on our blog list as your blog! :) Happy almost Friday!

Sandy said...

hey, just found your blog and love it!! Following you now!

I am also getting married so I'll def want to see more of your wedding posts. =)


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Creations and Inspirations said...

Should have found you sooner :) You should check me out I just found your cute blog if you like my blog too you should
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Cat said...

Epps! Congrats to the winner...I am so jelous, that bag is radness in clutch form :)

Happy house hunting! You know...not sure if this tip will help you but when hubs and I were looking at houses (we did a couple of "power days"...looking at 10-12 homes in one was intense) our realator gave us awesome advice. He told us not to make a "go/ no go" decision right away, but rather "score" each house right after the visit on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the dream home and 1 be "ew, I would never live here"). Right next to the "score" we wrote a couple pluses/ or minuses about the house (ie: loved the open kitchen, small bathroom, etc.). So by the end of the day, when the houses started to blend together, we were able to consult our list and stay on track!

The story has a happy ending...we found our dream home...and I hope you guys do to!!!!

xx Cat brideblu

Jessie said...

OMG! I still cannot believe I am the winner of this wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much, Linh! I am so excited! Congratulations to you for reaching over 150 followers. Oh, I just checked my email and I will reply to you shortly. :)

Regarding your 'dream home', I guess it wasn't meant to be because there are a few aspects (like you mentioned)that are impractical for your family in the long run. I am sure you will find a better home this coming weekend.

Oh, by the way, your hubby is right and he's smart to think ahead. When you are pregnant, trust me you don't want to go up those stairs. :)

Happy house hunting, girl!


Linh said...

Sandy: I have posted many wedding posts in the past, but if there's ANYTHING I can help you with, let me know :) I feel like planning my own wedding has taught me a lot so I'm like a wedding guru now.

Jessie: Congrats again!

Cat & Kendra: Sorry you ladies missed out, BUT there will be plenty more giveaways in the future :)