Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top Pick Thursdays: Shake Your Romp(er)!

Hey dolls! Happy Thursday! I am so excited about this weekend because I get to see my 3 favorite ladies of all time - Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Kim.  In celebration of Mother's Day, we will be spending Saturday shopping, having lunch, and catching up.  There's so much to talk about especially since it's been a whole week since I last saw them. Yes, a week! Ekk! 

I am secretly excited because I am hoping I will find some good deals for myself too. Ha! What?  I'm only trying to maximize my time while killing two birds with one stone.  I like to call it "multi-tasking."  My latest infatuation? ROMPERS and JUMPSUITS!  I love them. Long. Short. Tight. Loose. I love them all. Gimme gimme gimme! My goal is to own at least 2 before the month is over and to wear 1 of them out for a dinner date. I am currently coveting these stunningly beautiful rompers and jumpsuits from Asos. Which one is your favorite?

** Just a reminder that I am currently running a GIVEAWAY to Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Williams-Sonoma and would LOVE for you to enter. It's only a few days away so enter now!  Click HERE for the full details. The contest ends next Monday May 9th. Good luck my sweeties. **

{Images via Asos}


Belle de Couture said...

Oh! #'s 1, 4, and 5 are AH-MAZING! :)


Her Late Night Cravings said...

I'm digging #8 for would look with your hair & skin color!! But you can't go wrong with any of them. ;)

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Nuha said...

aghhh I love them all!! Number 1 just might be a pinch above the rest :)

Cat said...

Love your romper finds (and your post title...killer play on words!). Not sure if I am brave enough to rock this look but it sure looks amazing on some!

xx Cat brideblu

Linh said...

I think #1, 4, and 8 are my fav. PLEASE go check them out. A lot of these also come in different colors! Double yay!

♥ joei said...


Love your blog :) follow each other?

Definitely, Maybe

Una said...

i seriously love and want everything in this post !!

Jessie said...

I just love #2 and #8. They so sexy and classy! I would have rocked these outfits 10 years ago with my 'size 0' body but with age and a post pregnancy body, no such luck! Very cute outfits!

Hope you have a great time this weekend with the ladies.


Gee ♥ said...

the first one is deff the most flattering, although i am into them all!