Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Posting at {Her Late Night Cravings}

Well hello and good morning dolls!  HAPPY FRIDAY! I am SO excited to be doing my VERY FIRST guest post over at Jayme and Mendi's blog today.  That's them below...aren't they a pair of beauties??  You HAVE to check out their blog - Her Late Night Cravings. These ladies are THE sweetest gals and they blog about everything - from fashion picks to the latest and greatest beauty must-haves. I have to admit - I am such a Plain Jane when it comes to beauty products, but that's why I have them!  Met them a few months ago and we have been blog BFF's ever since.
Today, I'm dishing out some of my own PERSONAL beauty tricks I have learned in the modeling industry as well as from personal experience so hop on over, check it out and let me know what you think! Click HERE for the post.


Tropical Mind said...

I loved your guest post!!! Great tips - I use a lot of them myself. I was very curious about the Pepcid AC trick. I am SO gonna try that. I hate getting red =( And you are SO right about avocados! They are delicious and amazing. Have a great weekend!

Linh said...

Aww thanks! :) Glad to share my secrets with you all. Yes - pepcid works! It can be pepcid complete or pepcid a/c.

Mad For Fashion said...

My two new favorite girls.....They are so polite and love them :)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Hi Linh!! Thank you so much for being our lovely guest on HLNC today! You are a hit!
Hope you have a FAB weekend!

BTW - We LOVE Tropical Mind and Mad For Fashion!! Two amazing girls with great blogs!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Jessie said...

I used to apply Vaseline for my lips every night before I go to bed for chapped lips. It helps a lot. Now, I switched to Aquaphor by Eucerin every night instead. I thought if it's safe for babies, it is safe for me. :)


Linh said...

Jessie: Good to know! Eucerin makes great lotion :)

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I read it honey and love the interview and thank you for all your amazing tips.

<3 Marina