Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: BHDLN Hair Adornments

Morning Afternoon dolls! I am happy to say that it is Hump Day and Houston is FINALLY getting some rain!  We have been experiencing a severe drought so this is MUCH needed. Actually, I wrote this post at 8am this morning in the hopes of posting it early, but after a few hours of struggling to upload photos, I have given up.  Blogger has been acting up a lot lately and it's starting to make me worry.  YAY! I was able to post a few more images.  Also, it has been raining for 4.5 hrs straight and I am over it now. Got totally drenched coming to work. NICE. I guess it could be worse...

How's YOUR day going?  This week has gone by SUPER fast for me (thank goodness!) and I can't tell you how happy I was to get yesterday off. Got a lot of things accomplished and it was nice to relax with the doggies.

Last week's vintage wedding got me dreaming about BHLDN's beautiful hair accessories so I had to share a couple of my favorite pieces with you. It's all in the details and wouldn't you LOVE to have one of these beauties to highlight your tresses on your wedding day?