Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

Today's post deserves EXTRA exclamation marks because it's FRIDAY!!!!! Woot! Woot!  This week FLEW by in a snap!  What do you have planned for the weekend my loves?  We will be viewing more homes (yes, we are STILL looking...sigh), having dinner where I will be consuming LOTS of carbs and sweets because it's the weekend and that's how WE do it, and probably raiding Red Box for a few movies.

I have been SO busy I haven't had a chance to post an outfit but I will get on it this weekend! In the mean time, I just spent the last hour redoing my blog banner.  I felt girly and pink so I went with it and BAM! That's the outcome. Whatcha think?

My darlings, I am SOOO excited to start the weekend 
so I am heading out but NOT before I do 3 things: 

one is to post this AWESOME picture I found on Pinterest...this is how I feel right now!

two, to share this AMAZING poster because I plan on 
laughing a lot this weekend but want to caution you:
and third, to remind you that WHATEVER you do this weekend, spread...



See your beautiful faces on Monday!!!

{Images via Pinterest}


Bad Joan said...

Love that image! So cute and happy.
Have a great weekend!

Staci Edwards said...

Bah ha ha! That photo makes me laugh - too cute.
Happy Friday Darling!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe Linh, i've been exclaiming over Fridays arrival all day lades!!!! love the intro here and the whole goodness lot. you have the best attitude and are so inspiring!

pretty banner, great job on it. sounds like you've been hit hard with busies but your weekend plans are just the ticket to refresh that state of affairs. the boyf is heading to the Island to see his folks and i'll be celebrating a dirty 30 b-day for a gf plus getting in lotsa time with my mom.

LOVE that baby photo!!!!!!!! like BIG LOVE - the kind that caps lock can't come close to capture ; )

have a great one and thanks for the comment. it's taken me a bit to respond but sista' from another time indeed. xo ♥

Claudia Lane said...

A great some positive attitude!
Claudia xo

Cate said...

Love the new banner! I'm so new to the whole, blogging/html stuff, would love to know how you created it! :) Happy weekend to you as well and great photos!

Mayavienn said...

i think friday is my favourite day in week :) great blog, i will be watching you

lilabraga said...

you sure know how get a smile or two out of me! :O
love your posts, girl!
happy Friday to you!

oh, lovely day! said...

this post made me smile(:
and i love your new header!


Swirls of Happy said...

ANOTHER great post!! Happy Weekend to you :) XO said...

Adorable post!
Happy weekend!

classiq said...

Your post made me smile. The photo is simply adorable! And that quote definitely applies in my case. :)

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I <3 your new banner yes so girly and pink LOVE IT.

Good luck in your house hunting hopefully you'll find the perfect home for you soon.

and OMG absolutely love the first image it put a huge smile on my face too adorable. Hope you're enjoying your wknd doll.

<3 Marina

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Just found your lovely blog ... and I'm dying over that photo! Reminds me of the documentary Babies which was sooo super cute. Hope you had a great weekend!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so lovely. x hivenn

Alexa said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend and that your house hunt is going well!

Cat said...

As an extremely ticklish person, I full appreciate that print. I want it on a t-shirt!

Hope you had some luck house hunting ... it can be a long road but I know you guys will find one that is just right!

♥ Cat brideblu