Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Fun Guest Book Ideas

Happy Wednesday dolls! Loving my Wedding Wednesdays segment today.  I LOVE going to weddings that have personal touches and unique ideas especially when it involves a fun sign-in station.  Instead of letting your guest book collect dust in the attic, how fun would it be to DISPLAY your wedding guest book in your home one day?  LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute ideas I found on Etsy.  Here are a few of my FAVORITES!

Move Over Family Tree, Make Way For Balloon Prints!
Silhouette Weddings
Bleu De Toi

Message In a Bottle
Gracefully Southern

Make a Poster Out Of It
Personalized Prints


Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

What great wow factor that red personalized poster has!!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

These ideas are so sweet but the message in a bottle idea is definitely my favourite!

Janna McCalley said...

Thumb prints! Love that idea!

homestilo said...

Oh that first one is so sweet. We had a guest that asked before hand how many people we were expecting. She brought a canvas and supplies and actually set up a station for guest to create this painting by filling in the hearts. We didn't have an actual guest book, so I guess that was as close to one as we got.

Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

So many fun ideas, I think the balloon print it my favorite!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich recipe!

Linh @ La-La Linh said...

I love them all :) The bottle is a really neat idea. I can see myself hanging that on a wall or having it as a display on our bookshelf. It's a nice reminder of our special day.

Lili said...

LOVE these!

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

These are all such great WOW factor ideas!! I'm loving the message in a bottle one. So cute and romantic.

<3 Marina

The Hue Smiles said...

that is seriously sooo cute, im loving the fingerprint balloons
Forever Chic,

Natasha Simpson * said...

Super cute ideas! Love the big print.

Justina F. Lee said...

Those are wonderful ideas! I love the bottle one!

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't seen the balloon thumbprint. I'll need to repost this one for sure!