Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dream Manager

What's Your Dream?

Earlier this year, I sat down to ponder this question and re-evaluate the things in my life: personal and professional.  The results were, well, a little depressing.  I found that, although I was content, I was not reaching my full potential in certain areas of my life.  I noticed that somewhere along the way, I stopped dreaming.

I was given this CD to listen to on my drive to/from work and it literally changed my life. In short, The Dream Manager is a business parable about how companies can achieve extraordinary results by helping their employees fulfill their dreams.  If you are in management, you can use this book to change the culture of your business environment, but for me, I used it as a personal tool to change my life. This book helped me become the best version of myself - as a daughter, friend, fiance, Christian, and person overall.

At one point, I felt so lost. I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but after realizing that I had been settling all this time, I started to make moves...and plans...and I started dreaming again. And it felt so great. I woke up EVERYDAY with a smile on my face and my optimism and outlook spiked ten-fold.

Whatever your dreams are, big or small, keep dreaming.  Start planning that trip you've been meaning to take for the past 5 years or start saving now for your future home or get out that pen and paper and start working on your business plan to open your own business!  Dream big!  Nothing is impossible. 

What's your dream?