Thursday, October 21, 2010

Howdy Doody!

Howdy world!  My name is Linh and this is my very first blog. Yay!  I'm a little nervous but more excited than anything else so bear with me as I get acclimated with all these nifty little gadgets and tools on

So why am I starting a blog?  Well, I've been uber busy this year. But,in the midst of being a working woman, playing mommy to 2 dogs, and planning a wedding which is less than 2 months away, I thought "What the heck! Why not add a blog to my list of things to do?!?"  What can I say - I love multitasking and living on the edge. :)

I am creating this blog for one primary reason - to spread my POSITIVITUDE to the world, and yes, that is a word. I checked it on Urban Dictionary and if it's on there, it is legit in my book.

I classify myself as an optimistic idealist and find inspiration in so many things - big and small.  This is a glimpse of the world through my eyes and turning those visions and ideas into artwork, crafts, and designs.  A large part of my blogs will be consumed with wedding stuff (for now at least), but will also include some of my other loves: food, fashion, and favorite bargains. As for the name, the soon-to-be Mr. says I live a majority of my life in fantasy world...aka La-La Land.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to name my blog La-La Linh. :)

This should be fun!  Hope you guys enjoy!


Creature Gorgeous said...

I love a positive attitude accompanied by awesome photography. So your blog is perfect in my eyes!!!! Look forward to following you and thanks for the blog lovin'!!!

Linh said...

Thanks Phuong. I am slowly getting the hang of this. Congrats on being newly weds and expecting your first bundle of joy! I bet you are so excited. Been trying to figure out the name you picked out :) Thanks for following me!