Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trendy Tuesdays: Online Shopping Ring-gret

For the past few months, I have been searching for the perfect wedding band to pair with my engagement ring and let me tell you - I never expected it to be this difficult!  My ring, although very simple, makes it hard to pair because I have a plain band that is thin, non-symmetrical, and supports a nice size diamond, thus posing the problem of the wedding band rubbing against the prongs. Ayyy....

So, after much soul searching, store visits, and conversations, I said "Nevermind. I am going to buy my ring online." And you know what? I thought I found the one and was so ecstatic!  What a huge mistake.

After exchanging several emails and calls with the company and my bank, they were finally able to process my order, make the rings, and send them.  Mind you, I was deathly sick the day it came in, but I wanted to show up JUST to get my rings.  With much anticipation, I clawed open the package and opened the box.  My first reaction?  Where the heck are the diamonds on my ring????  They were so tiny I couldn't even see them. I wanted to cry, but got a little upset instead. The picture online was NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING like what I got. Failed.

Within 2 hours of receiving the package, I hauled butt to the Post Office to return them.  This was almost a month ago.  I am FINALLY getting my full refund back tomorrow (I hope).  So, my lesson for today is: Go the old fashioned route and visit a jeweler...in person. Since then, I have found the perfect wedding bands and am happy and relieved this is one more thing to check off my list. Woowhoo!