Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Online Shopping Dis-dress

Ok Seriously?  I think my streak with online shopping has not been good lately.  As you know, I will be celebrating my 28th Birthday & Bachelorette Party in Viva Las Vegas! in a couple days and I am so excited!  I found this cool online store called Asos.com and absolutely LOVE their clothing!  So, naturally, I bought several cute dresses for my trip.  That was over a month ago. Again, no luck with the online shopping scenario.

Since the company is based in Europe, I knew it would take a tad bit longer to come by way, but after realizing 2 weeks had passed, I emailed the company.  Well,  I think they have lost my package (delivered through the Post Office).  They have shipped it but don't have a tracking number.  They kindly asked me to wait a week and notify them of I still haven't received it.  I still haven't. Boo.  Luckily, I have other outfits to wear but am requesting a full refund plus the international charge I had to pay.

Today's lesson? Well, there really isn't one...because honestly, I really like their clothing and will probably order from them again. Ha!