Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey Talk

Ever had Fried Turkey before?  If not, let me tell you - you are missing out.  Growing up in a traditional Vietnamese household, our Thanksgiving consisted of fried rice, noodles, and eggrolls.  If we were lucky, we would get rolls and a pumpkin pie.  But that was as close to a "traditional" Thanksgiving meal as we got.  One year, we attempted to bake a turkey and let's just say we never did that again.  Grandmother was not pleased.

Several years ago, T & I decided to fry a turkey.  We laughed at the thought of his house catching on fire or how the oil would splash up and burn his hands.  Honestly, we were quite fearful of how to drop a 15 lb. bird in a boiling tub of peanut oil. But, we did it and it was a great success!  Too bad no one came that year so we ate turkey for weeks. Weeks!

Fried Turkey has now become a tradition for us and EVERYONE loves it, especially Grandma.  I came across this article about an oil-less turkey fryer and the reviews are great.  Considering we spend about $30-$40 on the oil alone,  this might be a good investment.  Should I get one? 


runnerEZE said...

are u going to use it more than once a year?! oh, and if toko likes carrot cake... go to trulucks on westheimer. i don't usually eat carrot cake, but for some reason, i like theirs a lot!

Linh said...

We usually break it out for Thanksgiving & Xmas. It's only $100 which is surprisingly cheap. Thanks for the heads up on the cake. Ruggles is also good.