Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY Wedding - Topping It Off

After spending ALL day yesterday going through blog post after blog post for inspiration for my latest DIY project, I was too pooped to post anything. Sorry!  So here's my latest project: (drum roll please).....

Our Wedding Cake Topper

At first, I opted for blingy, shiny, initial letters, then changed my mind to putting flowers at the top to make it simple yet elegant.  Then, yet again, I decided I would take the plunge and dive into making my own cake topper.  (Note: changing my mind is a typical common quality of mine..sort of...sometimes. I like to call it "evolving;" my fiance calls it a pain in the butt. Ha!)

I came across these to spark my inspiration. I found all of them on Wedding Bee (except for the one at the very bottom). I plan on working on them this weekend. I am trying to incorporate our doggies into the project and I wonder if I can make T look like a Notre Dame football player? (He's a die-hard fan, even though they haven't won a game in  Will keep you posted on how they turn out.
Once Wed

UPDATE:  This is how my DIY Wedding Cake Topper Project turned out.