Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!!!

It’s been a week since my last posting, but I have been recuperating from my fabulous, fun, and insane Vegas trip.  I had the most amazing time with my friends and we all walked away agreeing this was the Mother of all Trips.  7 of my closest friends went and I don’t think I have laughed so much and so hard in my life.  My throat is still hoarse from last weekend. Wow.  That is all I can say…wow.   

Seriously, I have the most wonderful friends a girl can ask for.  Among some of the most memorable moments were (1) I found out my good friend is also engaged (YAY!), (2) My cousin, Rita, (bless her heart) stayed awake for BOTH nights she was there and came out with us to party and had such a fun time…I really love her for that, and (3) the memorable somersault in the hallway. LOL     

PS - My Bestie, Vivian, IS THE BOMB!!!!  She organized all of this and did an outstanding, ridiculously amazing job.  I heart her. She is a one-in-a-million :) 

Hotel we stayed at: 
Hard Rock All-Suite Tower
- I HIGHLY recommend this place.  Although it’s “off the strip” it is only a 1-2 minute ride to the strip. 
- The rooms are HUGE!  We thought of squeezing 7 girls into 1 suite (roughly 700 sq ft) but after our suitcases exploded, we thought twice about that.  Still, there would have been enough room for us to sleep on the beds/couch.
- The staff are so incredibly nice and upbeat. Customer service is great!
- Mr. Lucky’s Diner is open 24 hrs. This was very helpful seeing as we would eat at 4am.

Places we ate at:
- Mrs. Lucky’s Diner (we ate here a lot because of the convenience but it was really good; great portions)
- Hash House A Go Go (Ginormous dishes)
- In-N-Out Burger (Can’t pass this up)
- Bouchon Restaurant (French-American)

Clubs we went to/People we rubbed elbows with:
- We got VIP bottle service at every club we went to (yes, I am bragging….but only because we came to Vegas not having anything finalized or confirmed.  I swear – God was blessing us!)
- Vanity, Trist, Pure, Tao, & Lavo
- Got to meet Red Sox Player David Ortiz “Big Papi”
- Vienna from The Bachelor (she was engaged to Jake “the pilot”)…she is actually very cute!
- VP & Director of The Venetian Casino
- The One & Only Thomas Keller AND his chef crew – very fun and nice guys


annie said...

super like and super jealous!

Linh said...

Aww Annie, you were with us in spirit :) totally wish you were there. heart you!

Anjali Gupta said...

Me = jealous toooooo! More pics please!

Linh said...

Anjali!!! Gosh - wish you were there :) I only took a few on my camera. Ask Viv for her camera. She has plenty :) Miss you!