Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top Pick Thursdays: Inspiration from oh, hello friend

I stumbled onto THIS blog called oh, hello friend when I was browsing 100LayerCake for some wedding inspiration and had to share it with you guys. This crazily talented 20-something year old gal created this site a couple years ago and she is wonderful!  Her creativity is endless (check out her Etsy shop HERE), but what I really love about her page is her POSITIVITUDE, which is evident in every posting and page!   So refreshing to read her page. I'm really into the vintage-theme right now (probably because of the wedding) and she had some great things she personally made.  These would be great for the wedding or as a gift for the holidays (hint hint).
Here are a few of my favorite:
Images via oh, hello friend

1.  Jane $14.00 USD
2.  Castles in the Sky $24.50 USD
4.  Cherish(ed) $14.50 USD