Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: My 30-Day Wedding Checklist

It's crunch time!  Here's my last-minute checklist for the month and a few pictures to give me inspiration for my wedding decor. Happy planning!

Image via Wedding Wire
1. Get a final headcount of guests
2. Start seating arrangement, escort cards, and place cards
3. Make sure the guys have been measured for their tuxes
4. Remind the ladies to get their alterations and schedule makeup appointments
1. Cake: Meet with bakery to finalize cake size, flavors, and decoration set-up
2. Food: Schedule our tasting
3. Flowers: Finalize floral arrangements for bridal party and reception
4. Décor/Drape Lady: Finalize colors and draping details
5. Music: Email our DJ for the final music list and quick run-through for the evening itinerary
6. Photographers/Videographer: Send itinerary for wedding day
1. Meet with Fr. Chris one last time for our wedding ceremony
2. Gather all paperwork for Fr. Chris
3. Design wedding programs
4. Church rehearsal the day before the wedding
1. Hair: Meet with stylist for quick run-through
2. Makeup: Schedule a trial-run & send wedding day itinerary
3. Eat healthy, Keep hydrated, Exercise, Lots of Sleep, Repeat
4. Pick up my dress on the 30th
1. Divide up projects for reception set-up and assign each person a “task”
2. Finish my wishing tree
3. Make party favors (yay!)
4. Make “signs”
5. Buy liquor (can’t forget about this!)
6. Work on slideshow
Image via SB Wedding Chic
Image via The Wedding Community
Image via The Wedding Community

I know – it sounds like a lot…but it really isn’t. My best advice to everyone out there (bride AND groom): DON’T STRESS!  At the end of the day, this is YOUR wedding day.  It’s something that will only happen once; therefore, shouldn’t you enjoy it??? YES!


runnerEZE said...

hehe...u say don't stress NOW. just wait until the day comes! j/k! actually, you have a pretty tame list. HM had a BINDER of notes and directions. yes...a binder.

Linh said...

Ekk! A binder? Wow - that is what you call ORGANIZATION :) And I bet everything ran smoothly. I've kept my promise to myself so far so let's hope I keep it up - no stressing and all fun!