Monday, January 10, 2011

I Made It Mondays: DIY Wedding Card Suitcase

This is a SUPER fun and easy way to "dress" up your wedding reception decor.  To make it simple, I placed our suitcase at the sign-in table so our guests could easily place their wedding cards/gifts as soon as they walked in.  I tossed around several ideas, one of them being a birdcage which is also a great idea. However, since we already had a suitcase laying around in our home, I decided to put it to use.  If this looks familiar, you are so right!  We also used it in our engagement session with Nookie Doodle.

Image via Nookie Doodle

Image via Nookie Doodle
What you need:
- Suitcase or treasure box (already had this)
- Yarn $3.99 for 355 yards
- Lace $1.00
- Cardstock (already had this)
Clothespins $2.33 for 24 pins

**I bought everything at Hobby Lobby...grand total of $8.00 (and mind you, this was because I had to buy the JUMBO pack of yarn since I couldn't find a smaller pack).***

(1) Open the suitcase and measure the lid (circumference). Add a few inches, cut the yard, and tie it around the suitcase. NOTE: I used 2 pieces of yard (just to be safe), but this is entirely up to you.

(2) Measure the lace from one end to the next and cut accordingly.  The lace I used was stretchy so I made note of this before I cut it.
(3) Stretch the lace (if applicable) and secure with clothespins at either ends.

(4) Using the card stock, make the C A R D S signs. This is entirely up to you on what font and size you want. Cut and secure with clothespins.

Voooilaaa!  So easy, simple, and inexpensive..and the best of all, this adds a personal touch to your wedding!  Enjoy!


Liz said...

Love this idea. Not an original but I like how easy it is to make! Thanks!