Monday, January 10, 2011

What a Great Weekend!

Morning all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  LSU won their bowl game, we finished shopping for our snowboarding trip which is in 8 days, and I started decorating my corner nook (A.K.A. my new office in the living room).  I'll post pictures soon, but it's pretty bare right now so there isn't much to show.  So excited!  

Besides this, it rained and an icy cold front blew in so we spent the weekend enjoying each other's company, spoiled our doggies, watched the movie "Hitch," and cleaned.  I'd say we were pretty productive.  Oh, and I started working out again...and it hurts...a lot.  We are definitely starting 2011 off right and hope you guys are too!

This is how Sunday night ended for us - had a nice glass of vino and tiramisu ice cream while reading the wishing tags and wedding cards our friends/family gave us.