Friday, January 14, 2011

Inpired by: Elizabeth Fillmore Sheath Wedding Dresses

Happy Happy Friday to all! Today's entry is about the oh-so-elegant sheath wedding dress. It's simple, classic, form-fitting and just breathtaking.  The sheath gown is slim and trim for...well, the slim and trim.  It has a straight skirt and no waist.  This silhouette looks best on tall, slender brides.  Our designer today is the one and only Elizabeth Fillmore who I found on Aisle Dash.  Many of her designs cater to this silhouette and I just love it! Here are my most favorite ones:

Images via Elizabeth Fillmore

Top: Melina 
1. Lily
2. Tango 
3. Daria


Ashley said...

She's a great designer. I am a minimalist and love the simplicity of her dresses.