Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off To Colorado!

We are taking a short trip to Colorado and will be back next Monday.  We are jumpstarting the New Year by going to a new vacation spot with some old friends. It's gonna be a wonderful and fantastic time. Have we mentioned how excited we are about this trip???? 

I've posted some of our favorite vacation spots we will go to in the next couple years. Something for you to daydream about...

Images via US News

(Clockwise from top left: Florence, Paris, Hawaii, and Greece)

Hope you guys have a great week and, as always, please remember to spread some POSITIVITUDE to old friends and new ones as well.


runnerEZE said...

nice spots. do them NOW before you know what might happen (see: thuy)! lol. positivitude? is that like linkitivity?!