Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays: The High-Low Hem Dress

Hey there my lovelies!  Today has been such a crazy day.  My poor boss has been sick for almost a week and I've been slammed with so much work. I feel like I need another vacation already.  Still,  I have made time to blog.

Last week, I watched a snippet of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and saw the host wearing this adorable dress with a high-low hem.  I even saw a bride on "Say Yes to the Dress" wearing a wedding gown with this hem. I knew it was my calling to blog about this.  Keep your eyes peeled for this Spring 2011 trend.  I think this flirty, sexy style is going to be a huge hit, especially with Spring/Summer just around the corner.



J said...

LOVE LOVE that dress!!!
I have a black gown with the same hemline!

Liz said...

omg love these dresses! very couture and gorgeous!

Hanniehoang said...

I love this! I based my halloween peacock costume off the high-low hem trend :)