Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Sadie!

Hi! I'm Sadie!

Hello my lovelies!  How was your weekend?  As usual, ours was super busy and fun.  However, we found an unexpected surprise early Saturday.  After leaving Home Depot, we saw this adorable puppy rummaging through some trash and noticed she wasn't wearing a collar and no one was around.  My hubby got out of the car and petted her for a few minutes hoping someone would come around the corner to claim her, but no one did.  It broke my we scooped her up and have been taking care of her since. Her name is Sadie.

She is SOOO sweet and calm around us.  And she is very playful around other dogs.  She has been playing with our 2 dogs (115 lb American Bulldog and 60 lb Boxer) and they get along great.  We would LOVE to keep her, but after a lot of praying and talking, we have decided that we can't because we already have 2 dogs and it would be too much for us.  However, we would like to take care of her until we can find a suitable owner.  If you or someone you know would like her, please contact me. I want to make sure she goes to a good home.

I took a few pictures of her and she looks big in the picture but she's just a little thing. SO CUTE!

Here's some info on her:
- Weight: About 15 lbs
- Age: No more than 4 months
- Breed: Unknown (Mix); the owner cropped her tail (which is about 4-5 inch)
- Size: We think she will get to about 50 lbs since she has good size paws
- Sex: Female; I don't think she is spayed yet
- She is NOT micro-chipped (We brought her to the Houston SPCA and they checked)
- She is not 100% potty trained in the house yet, but she IS crate trained. She peed a few times when we took her home Saturday but that's expected in a new environment.  She did great Sunday and this morning though.  We just keep an eye on her and have been teaching her to ring the bell when she needs to go out. Also, I checked her poo.  No worms or funny stuff going on so she's good.
- She is VERY responsive to her name, loves belly rubs, and knows "Here" and "Sit."
- She is NOT a whiner.  We let her sleep in Ally's crate at night in the living room and she whimpered twice and then went to sleep.  It was great.
- She is a VERY easy eater; not picky at all


Anonymous said...

Awww. She's adorable. Good luck! I hope someone adopts her soon. -Liz

Linh said...

Great news! Someone adopted her last night. I am a little sad for us, but so happy for her :) They are gonna love her so much. I know we fell in love with her right away :)

MaviDeniz said...

she's such a cute dog! I'm glad she found a home ♥