Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top Pick Thursdays: Block Platform Shoes

Christian Louboutin Electric Blue Block Platform Shoes. 
Eat Your Heart Out.



m.fay said...

oh, i REALLY want those beauties!

amateur couture

happy you stopped by my blog to say hello.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi Linh! Amazingly killer shoes! I love how the nude color fits seamlessly with blue! xxoxoo

Villa Bisono said...

I absolutely love these blue pumps!!! I am now following you, hope you can stop by and support.

xoxo from NYC

Ashley said... those shoes are killer!

Linh said...

Hey ladies! I will be dreaming about these tonight in my sleep. I hope the tooth fairy slips about $800 underneath my pillow so I can buy these :)

Linh said...

m. fay: thanks for coming by!

Maurenice: happy to! going to your page now.

Ashley: thanks for stopping by :) hope to see you back! PS - One of my favorite colors is turquoise!

Vladetta said...

They are incredible

Maddalena said...


The Zhush said...

Killer these!

Linh said...

Morning ladies. Bad news - I woke up this morning and no one left me $800, but the good news is it's Friday and, oddly enough, I dreamt about wearing these to the Royal Wedding. :)

Anonymous said...

Who doesnt love loubs? You should check my blog I have a daily loubs! :)