Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Pick Thursdays: Tory Burch Giveaway!

Hello my lovelies. I have something GRAND for you today.  My top pick for today is Tory Burch because she is just AMAZING and I am currently obsessed with her RTW Spring 2011 Collection.  I LOVE classic vintage outfits and her collection is all about this. Simply put, it's the vintage collection for the modern woman.  L-O-V-E!!! If you haven't seen her outfits, fret not my dear. I have gathered some of her best outfits for you to see.

To make today even better, I am doing my very FIRST giveaway and I am so excited! 
I will be giving one lucky winner a $100 gift card to spend at any Tory Burch store or online.
(For store locations, click HERE.)
One winner will be drawn randomly next Thursday April 21st.  

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1. Become a follower via La-La Linh's Blog and/or La-La Linh's Twitter
2. Leave a comment with your favorite outfit(s) and/or what you LOVE about Tory.

That's it!  Ready...Set...Go!

Pretty amazing huh? is!
{Images via Elle}


Hanniehoang said...

OMGosh, this is soooo hard! I'm torn between 1,13,&14! I've been wanting that green satchel super bad this season too...and it's less than $600!

I love how classic her clothing and affordable (compared to other labels) her line is! I've been wearing my Amanda tote bag from her for FOREVER. Also, her color palette is always awesome!

lindsey bourne said...

I like #6: Classic outfit I can wear anywhere, and still look trendy. Also like the long lines of the skirt and pairing the long straight line with a flowing blouse is a good choice.

Maggie said...

I love 3,4&7. I love how her clothes are very very classic looking and can fit in any situation and her style is so simple yet elegant.

Janaile said...

I love #9. I could take this outfit to the office and turn heads as well as take it to happy hour without blinking. The bell-bottom pants scream "look at me as I walk away" and the shirt is very feminine and sophisticated. The bag is perfect to carry around all my work and looks very light-weight which is ideal for any girl.

The thing about Ms. Burch's collections is that I could literally see myself in every outfit. Every dress, shirt, skirt, etc. always has class but with a hint of flirt every girl wants. Her clothes always seem fun and have at least one adornment/detail that carries the whole piece whether it's her signature logo, lace, buttons or beading.

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to choose! I love 7, 9 and 12 but I guess 7 is my top choice!

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I just became a blog follower and I'm crossing my fingers extra tight :) I love lots of these looks but my favorite is #14. There's something about the simplicity of neutral-on-neutral, the unexpected hit of color from the red-orange belt, and the to-die-for wicker basket!

Design Darling

Joyce said...

I'm totally digging #9!!! I love the bright colors that she incorporates into her line! So totally cute!

ViVi said...

I looove #3,4,9, and 17. I am obsessed with the nautical theme and Tory Burch does it magnificently without being too cheesy. Whether I'm going to work or out to brunch, her line is perfection!

Btw... I'll be dreaming about her accessories (esp. yellow satchel and navy espadrilles) tonight.

Lili said...

I love # 5! LOVE TB!

im your newest blog follower!

Katelyn said...

definitely love number 9! thanks for hosting!

my email is: theeclectictraditionalist @

kellie said...

I love number looks comfy yet super stylish and chic. You could wear this on a lunch date or a work meeting..I love the versatility!

Thanks for the awesome contest..I follow your blog via google friend connect! :)

kellierosewilson AT hotmail DOT com

Her Late Night Cravings said...

Shut. The. Front. Door. Love TB...gotta say the dress in #7 is my fave...I want it right now! What a great giveaway. My fingers are officially crossed. ;)


alamodeMaven said...

I am following your blog and twitter and my fav look is the white suit. I mean who DOESNT love a crisp white suit? My all time fav TB purchases are the clutches and handbags...and jewelry...and of my FAV gays runs the TB in Atlanta, and we dish the dirt on Tory love all the time...xoxo Shelli

lyn do said...

I love TB because, although her looks are classic, she keeps her collections fashion forward with the use of bright colors and prints. I love all the outfits, but I am honestly torn between number 1 and 9.

Totally diggin' lalalinh...keep on bloggin'!!!

<3 lyn do

Jayme and Mendi said...

Hi! My partner in crime (Mendi is the redhead) posted earlier but I couldn't help but make a comment too. I'm in LOVE with the green bag in #12. Drooling too. :-)


Taylor Bartik said...

oh no!!! hope i didnt miss this giveaway! AMAZING! i follow your blog. love tory burch!

Linh said...

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Went to Easter mass this morning and saw at least 10 women wearing Tory Burch gear. LOVED IT!

Taylor: I am so sorry hun. The contest ended earlier this week. BUT...stay tuned for more giveaways I know you will love! And thx for following me :)