Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays: Crazy for Crochet & Macrame

The crochet and macrame trend is EVERYWHERE this season and it is HOT beyond belief.  Macrame is knot-tying and each knot is a finished "stitch." You unravel it by untying the knots.  Crochet, on the other hand, isn't knotted like macrame; it's made from loops of yarn, created using a single hooked needle. You unravel by pulling the working yarn; the stitches are not independently finished as in macrame. It is also much more delicate than macrame.

If you don't already own a top, bathing suit, or (at the very least) an accessory made from this beautiful design, I suggest you gear up on this trend for summer.  TRUST ME on this one- you can thank me later.

{One . Two . Three-Six. Seven . Eight}


Jessie said...

Oh, I love so many things from here. My favorites are the chic and sexy swimsuits, the two pretty white dresses and the lovely light orange dress.


Abigail's Place said...

Gorgeous images great Summer look this season, particularly keen on the green dress. Not a look I think I could wear really looks better on the models, think I might opt for a bag.

Abigail x

Andrea Reh said...

Those shoes! Fabulous!

Andrea x

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Linh! I love the shoes too! And the green dress and the white long one...so gorgeous!

Thanks heaps for your blog support, its very much appreciated :))

Thu said...

These pieces are so hot.

Leigh said...

i love the trend! free people does it the best! i just love their stuff! :)


shobi said...

Hot Hotter Hottest...:d

Education Agent

Stephanie said...

i love crochet!!
i recently got myself a crochet sweater and have you seen the new crochet TOMS? they are so cute!!

happy wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Crochet is so romantic! And this is a perfect selection of pictures. I love this new trend. Stop by some time!


Finding Waveland said...

Oh my! These crochet pieces are fabulous, love the last shoes the most!


How to Macrame said...

I'm just absolutely loving this macrame trend. I have been a long time fan of macrame, so its been wonderful to watch it comeback!