Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top Pick Thursdays: Dolly Pearl

Happy Thursday my loves! So looking forward to my last day at work before the long weekend. Here's a few awkward+awesome happenings in my life right now:

AWKWARD: T took the dogs for a walk yesterday and good 'ole Tyson decided to eat a bird in his path. A LIVE bird. The size of a PIGEON. Actually, he SWALLOWED it whole after my hubby tried to choke the life out of him to let the bird go. A WHOLE bird people! How is this even possible??? Ayy...Thanks for hydrogen peroxide, he yacked it up. Eww. Is it ironic that I wrote about a bird/feathered theme yesterday too??? Weird.  
Has your dog ever done this?? I'd like to know...

(1) Seeing MY blog on other blogrolls is pretty freakin' awesome (and flattering).
(2) Being able to eat wonton egg noodle soup for lunch is even MORE awesome.  YUM!
(3) Watching 'The Voice' last night and cheering Javier Colon on!  So glad he won!  I LOVE seeing talented people succeed and he TOTALLY deserves it!  Did you know our wedding song was by him?  YUP - we are true fans.  YAY Javier!!! Click HERE for the post.
(4) And, the grand daddy - my top pick for today is the awesomest of them all.

If there's one thing I love, it's seeking out motivated people that constantly inspire me EVERY DAY.  Even in the face of hardships and roadblocks, they stride on and push forward...and that is amazing. The designer of Dolly Pearl is just that...AND SOME.

Vi Hoang is the beautiful face behind Dolly Pearl and she one talented superwoman.  She's also from Houston and although I don't personally know her, I follow her on twitter and she is so great! EVERYTHING about her collection is stunning.  From the exquisite silk draping to the detailed soft ruffles, every single piece of clothing is made with care and I LOVE ALL of it!  Seriously, there isn't one outfit I don't like and that's hard to do.  Dolly Pearl is ALL about the elegant sophisticated woman and her line seeks out this unspoken romantic theme which leaves me in complete awe. And did I mention she has a bridal collection too? O.M.G.'s what I will be dreaming about today. Lovely isn't it?

 Click HERE to see the entire collection.

{Images via Dolly Pearl}


Lorena said...

Lovely dresses!!! Thanks for your comment!!!

Anastasia said...

These are so so lovely! I especially like the hot pink one. And wow dog eating a live bird. That wouldn't have been quite a scene! Hope you have more awesome moments today! xx

Abigail's Place said...

Great post! Love the second dress the shoulders are beautiful!
Love your awesome moments!

Enjoy hour long weekend.

Abigail x

Maple&Vine said...

omgah! i cant believe he ate an entire bird haha! those dresses are stunning esp the bridal ones. just lovley!

ps officially following now- will you follow me too?

Cat said...

A whole bird ... yikes! Not only is it totally gross but it also must have been really scary for you guys as fur parents. Glad it came "up" okay ;)

Oh ... my heart is pounding like crazy right now, those dress is so striking. WOW!

Yea for being on blog rolls ... you deserve it, pretty lady!

♥ Cat brideblu

Bust yo' Booty! said...

oh my gosh these dresses are stunning

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

Ewwww! My dog eats bugs, but I would freak if one of them got a bird!

I am LOVING that long emerald dress, though. It reminds me of the one from Atonement, but cooler.

Have a good weekend!

Heydi Melissa said...

How gorgeous those wedding dresses are? Makes me wanna go engaged right away haha.

Natasha Simpson * said...

Wow these dresses are AMAZING! I LOVE them all, especially number seven - STUNNING!


Pocketful of Apples said...

I too think she is a very talented designer. All her garments are so elegant and just beautiful. What I love most about her designs is that she names each of her garments by either friends or people she's inspired by.

<3 Ivy

Lynzy said...

Awwww totally in love with #2, so gorgeous for a wedding!

xo Lynzy

Le Tre Amiche said...

Lindos modelos de vestido!! O branco está super em alta!!


Swirls of Happy said...

Oh my! How amazing...those are gorgeous :) SO lovely!!! Have a great Friday! XO

Jessie said...

These dresses are gorgeous to the max! Love the pink one the most and the delicate chain belt made it even prettier! By the way, I am glad your dog is okay now.

Have a fantastic long weekend, Linh!


RAW said...

Oh my goodness. I want ALL of these dresses. They're gorgeous. I'm off to check out the website now. :)

Great blog, btw.

Shalini said...

What gorgeous them all.

Mrs. Julius said...

i love #4 and #6 and the back of the first bridal gown is gorgeous!!


Nick said...

My black lab ate a robin when I was a kid. He pointed, stalked, flushed and caught it in his mouth mid flight. He looked pretty happy, so I let him enjoy his dinner.

Oh, and those desses are very pretty.