Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: The Deets on Kate Moss

Did you hear the great news? Supermodel Kate Moss is FINALLY tying the knot to Jamie Hince of The Kills.  I won't lie - I had no idea the beauty was even engaged.  The date is set for July 2nd of this year and although I'm not a huge fan of hers, I STILL can't wait to see the wedding.  In the mean time, here are the deets.

Longtime friend Mario Testino will be her photographer.  Here's what he said on their encounter and the beginning of a beautiful friendship:
“I met Kate very early on. Shortly after her first Galliano show 
I went backstage to congratulate her, only to find her crying: she was disappointed 
that she had only been given one outfit to model in the show. 
My answer to her was this: “In life there are perfumes and colognes. 
You need to use lots of cologne as the scent fades away; 
with a perfume you just use a drop and it lasts all night. 
You are a perfume, you will go on and on.” 
Little did I know just how true that would become! 
And that I had made a friend for life.”

I have no doubt her wedding photos will leave me speechless much like most of Mario's work.  I think you will notice some of his's a peek:

Images via Mario Testino

As for the wedding gown designer,  she has (supposedly) asked John Galliano to design it.  Yes, the same Galliano who only allowed her 1 outfit that night she met Mario.  Galliano has designed for many a-list names including Gwen Stefano and Penelope Cruz and I am picturing something strapless with a little flare and flowly ruffles.  Elegant, classy, but very couture. Something fit for supermodel status. What do YOU think her dress will look like?  Here's a blast from the past on her wedding gown shoots:


Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

What? I didn't know that she was engaged either? Have we been living under rocks or was it a secret? Very excited to see the wedding dress. I think she might go for something short and modern?

Linh said...

Meghan: I heard it's going to be a few days long! Seriously...who has that kind of money laying around? And I have been living under a rock...haha!

Mad For Fashion said...

Where have I been? I didn't know she was getting married. Wow! The dresses are beautiful!

Alexa said...

Yeeeah can you imagine Mario Testino as your wedding photographer? Sheesh!

fashionwise said...

wow can't wait to see the pics !!!!

have you seen my new post ?

Jamie @ charmingly ordinary said...

I had NO idea! But then again I've been pretty preoccupied with Kim K's engagement...

Swirls of Happy said...

She is so gorgeous and has the best style!! P.S. I love the Killers!!

Jessie said...

That third wedding dress looks gorgeous! Whatever she wears, she will look beautiful, no doubt. I didn't know she is engaged and about to get married either.


caramellitsa said...

i think she will wear sth lond and simple...

kisses <3

Linh said...

I am so glad to know I wasn't the only one who didn't know about this :)

Jamie: I've been occupied with Kim's engagement too!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

I'm looking forward to see her in a wedding dress! :)) Lovely post hun!;)