Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: BHLDN Decor & Store Opening

Hey dolls!  Happy Hump Day!  Such exciting news to share with you about BHLDN.  Remember THIS post I did months ago about them?  Well, they are opening their VERY FIRST bridal store and guess what location they picked?  HOUSTON, TX!!!!  Woot woot!  I HAVE to gloat just a little because Houston NEVER gets first dibs on anything, especially in the fashion world. I know all of you soon-to-be brides living in the vicinity will be THRILLED to hear this and I had to share the great news with you.  I was actually not aware of this until a friend told me about it last weekend. Yes...I am tardy to the party as usual.  So excited to go to the grand opening in late summer/early fall.  For all you other hopeful brides, fret not my dears! I have a feeling they will be expanding soon in a city NEAR you.

Also, have you checked out their decor collection?  One word - WHIMSICAL.  I am not at all surprised they would do this and their collection is nothing short of amazing.  From tabletops to cake toppers, they've got you covered! Check out all their goodies HERE.

{Images via BHLDN Moodboards}


jenna ♥ a little blue said...

great photos. i love all the items. lucky you that they are moving to you!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

and by moving... i meant OPENING NEAR YOU :)

Danielle said...

love BHLDN! Wrote a post when the line first launched + it is just so lovely. congrats! I'm sure you are dying to see it in person.

Abigail's Place said...

Gorgeous post!
This is definitely a store that I'd want to visit so many lovely items.

Abigail x

Linh said...

Jenna: I cannot wait!! I am sure they were thinking of me when they decided on the location. I made a few calls :)

I bet the opening is going to be INSANE!

Jess said...

This is awesome! Way to go Houston. We don't have an H&M, but this will do!!!

Linh said...

Jess: OMG If we had H&M here, I would die from joy :)