Monday, November 29, 2010

I Made It Mondays: DIY My Wedding Cake Topper

A couple weeks ago, I posted this DIY blog about wedding cake toppers and decided to make my own.  I actually made two: a traditional one and a more creative one.  I tried to make our doggies Tyson & Ally, but it didn't work very well.  

What do you guys think???

The Traditional One

The Creative One: My Fiance as a Notre Dame Football Player (He is a die-hard fan)

Interested in making your own wedding cake topper?  It took me 1 hour to make everything and I had so much fun!  Here's the how-to and supply list:
NOTE: I bought everything at Hobby Lobby
1. Krazy Glue $2.99 (pack of 4) OR Glue Gun $2.99
2. Fine Tip Brushes $1.99 (pack of 4)
3. Permanent Acrylic Paint $2.99 (assorted colors)
4. Fabric Pins $2.99 (comes in a pack of 30) - great for "test runs"
**Make sure you pick good, smooth, even pins as some are uneven at the bottom which makes it extremely hard to glue to the board***
5. Wooden Board $1.99 (4in x 4in)
6. 1/2 yard of lace $1.00
7. Napkins & newspaper (for blotting the paint and placing the wooden board on)

GRAND TOTAL: About $14 for my wedding cake toppers (and mind you, I could make a dozen since almost everything was sold in packages)...can't beat that!

1. I painted my wooden board first.  You can choose whatever color you want, but I used an off-white.  It takes an hour to dry.  After it dries, simply cut a piece of cardstock paper (purple) and glue it to the wooden board for the platform.

2. Take a pencil and draw on the wooden pins to get a idea of what you want. Get creative!  
3. BEFORE you start painting, make sure you mix the paint well!!!  I started with the top (facial features) and worked my way down.  The paint will dry fairly quickly (15 minutes or so).  Remember: since you are working with such a small area, a little bit of paint goes a long way. After the top half was finished, I worked on the back side.  I waited another 15 minutes or so and did the bottom portion.  

4. After everything is dry, touch up any spots you may have missed. Wait another 15 minutes or so before dressing the bride.

5. I used Krazy Glue to secure the lace onto the pins. I wrapped it about 4 times to give it some "fluff." 
NOTE: Be careful with the glue! I accidentally glued my fingers together. Not cool.

6. Secure the Bride & Groom onto the wooden board with either Krazy Glue or a Glue Gun. The Glue Gun worked a little better for me. There you have it!  Your own personal wedding cake topper.


Anonymous said...

Super cute Linh!! I could never do something that even resembled people. xox Lindsey