Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Let the Wedding Countdown Begin!

Today marks the 30-day countdown to my wedding!  Holy moly I am excited!  For those who may not know, our wedding is January 1st, 2011. My fiancé (bless his heart) originally wanted a NYE wedding to which I quickly replied “No way Jose!” Luckily, that was the only “disagreement” we had all year.  

I did not want to have a Friday wedding nor did I want to compete with a national holiday.  Besides, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it is to have a holiday wedding.  Everything is almost double the price!  

So, after a lot of prayers and talks, we compromised with 1.1.11. It falls on a Saturday and it’s an easy date to remember so I know he will never forget our anniversary! I cannot wait!

Images via Nookie Doodle
These are some pictures from our engagement session with our great friends Tam & Bao Huynh, photographers of Nookie Doodle.  They are an amazing couple and their work speaks for itself.  They captured our love story perfectly.  And, as an added bonus to us (because they are way cool), they made us this video using the song my fiancé proposed to!  


Nookie Doodle said...

So excited for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Love love the pics!! -- Lindsey

runnerEZE said...

isn't 1/1 a national holiday?! can't wait!

Linh said...

Nookie Doodle: I'm ecstatic! And even happier you guys will be there on our wedding day to capture it all. Can't wait!

Lindsey: Yes, they are the B-O-M-B (dot) com.

RunnerEZE: Yes, it is. But it made me feel better knowing I wasn't doing it the Eve of New Years. We will be reserving that for the dinner rehearsal party :)