Monday, January 17, 2011

I Made It Mondays: DIY Wedding Ring Pillow (Book)

Here's another fun and super simple wedding DIY!  When I first started buying accessories for my wedding, I picked out this cute ring pillow (about $20) from Hobby Lobby, which I later returned.  Why?  Well, I wanted to make my own of course!  I searched endlessly for cute ideas and found tons...tons!

One day, I went thrift shopping to look for cheap clothing deals and (secretly) in search of some inspiration for my wedding ring pillow.  Remember THIS post???  Well, I found this amazing book called...of all things...LOVE. It was $1.99 so I had to buy it.

There are SO many ways to differentiate your ring book, but here's what I did.
NOTE: Many brides also cut a circle or heart shape INSIDE the book (like a hole) and place the rings INSIDE the book.  Also a great idea!


- A book
- 1 Yard of Ivory Ribbon ($2.99 per yard at Hobby Lobby)
- Hot Glue Gun (optional) ($2.77 at Hobby Lobby)
- Scissors

Tie the ribbon around the book and make a tight knot. I did mine a little lower so the title on the binding would show clearly.

I added lace to give the book some texture and give it a more elegant, vintage feel. I used the Glue Gun to secure it in place. I waited a few minutes for it to dry.  Lastly, I tied a bow (double knot) and that was it!

The best part: it was sweet, a little different, and cost me less than $5.