Thursday, January 6, 2011

So You're Engaged. Now What?

Earlier this morning, I stopped by the corner Starbucks for my usual tall skinny vanilla latte and had a nice talk with one of the workers about her squirrels. No really, we were talking about squirrels in her front yard.  Any who, another employee rolled in and exclaimed "Linh just got married!"  This was quickly followed by a thunder of cheers and clapping from the employees and customers I didn't even know.  But wait - it gets better.  Then, she said "And I just got engaged on NYE!"  Of course, we cheered even louder for her.  Yay!  It was a nice moment.
Image via Sacramento Wedding Photographers
I asked her if they picked a date or started anything, to which she quickly replied "No, we are just enjoying the moment."  What a smart woman.

If you have just gotten engaged, my best advice is to plan nothing for the first month.  Enjoy the moment. Bask in the engagement stage (because it will be gone before you know it).  My hubby and I threw a few ideas around, but we didn't even pick up the phone or send any emails to any vendors until 2 months after we were engaged.  We were engaged at the end of October 2009 and I started planning by wedding around this time last year. It was great to take it all in while I could because once the planning started, there was no turning back.

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Cate said...

Great tip! My fiance and I are having a very long engagement ... we won't be getting married until August 2013!! :p So we are definitely enjoying the moment :)