Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bridal Extravaganza - A Must Go!

Image via Putrapertiwi
I vividly remember this time last year as the starting point of my wedding planning.  The Bridal Extravaganza came into town and I was so reluctant to go. For those of you who don't know,  this is the Mother of all Bridal Events for brides-to-be in Texas.  It may be called something else in other states, but this convention has everything you can possibly imagine for the bride-to-be.  Vendors from all over have booths to showcase their work and services. Same thing, different name.

To be honest, the ONLY reason I decided to go was because I wanted my mother to experience the mayhem.  I pictured future brides running around wearing mini veils, holding stacks of binders and magazines, and I was expecting a few cat fights to break out amongst brides and future mother-in-laws.  To my astonishment, the event was well organized and there were no fights (well, none that I saw anyway).  I think I registered for everything imaginable (hoping to win something...anything).  Again, no luck.  However, I did get to sample some wedding cake, received many goodie bags, and walked away with some GREAT deals!

Mind you, I was NOT the typical bride. I never thought about my wedding until I got engaged. I am not a bridezilla. The only thing I knew was I wanted to get married in a church. That's it. So, you can see the reluctance of attending this event.

In summary, I found my flower lady, the lovely Carmen Floral Designs, and I received a great offer from Men's Warehouse where my hubby received a free suit (since our groomsmen rented their tuxes) and we received 1 free plane ticket anywhere in the U.S.! That saved us $400 on the suit alone!  Plus, mom had a blast which made the trip worth it.

They are in town this weekend.  Check THEIR site for exact dates. It's definitely worth a trip. You have nothing to lose.  Let me know if you go and what deals were offered! I'd love to know.