Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Quiet Thursday

Hello my friends! It is bitterly cold today - 28 degrees and still dropping.  For Houston, this is extremely cold.  I am colder now than when I was in Colorado.  The weathermen say it will snow today which means lots of nervous people and lots of traffic.  Luckily, many businesses and schools will close early so I expect today to be a very quiet workday.  I have been at work for 3 hours and I still have my coat and scarf on.  I resisted taking my gloves off, but I couldn't type well with them.  My boss called in sick and my co-worker left to take care of her dog.  So, it looks like I am running the show today. Score!  My lovelies - Bundle up and stay warm today! One more day until Friday. 

Here are a few pictures I snapped this morning on the way to work.  

Chasing the sunrise in the city. I love the warmth.
Passing through Downtown...
They made me smile.
And while sitting in traffic, I looked up and saw a fish in the sky. How neat!
Finally at work. Have a fabulous day!!!


J said...

you are too cute!
I also got my scarf on and my coat on my back, while sipping on iced cafe su

Hi! I'm Linh! said...

Yum! Don't you like my scarf? It was a gift from my sweet gf and it is so warm! :)

Hanniehoang said...

LOL i love the fish!