Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!


So what do you have planned for this weekend? We wanted to go to Austin, TX but decided to relax at the house instead.  This weekend is the MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin and it will be a little crazy.  I rode it last year and it was really fun and strangely peaceful for me (until I blew out my tire on the second day of the ride).  Still, it was for a GREAT cause and I'd do it again.

Have you been keeping up with my blog and twitter?  If not, jump on the wagon and become a follower!  I am giving away a Tory Burch gift card for $100 and the contest ends next Thursday.  The rules are super easy.  Click HERE for the posting details.

My lovelies, it's been fun but I am ready to get out of here and enjoy the rest of my day.  Hugs and kisses! Spread some POSITIVITUDE and make the world a better place.


little shadow said...

I really like that picture, I'd love to go to Texas!
Cute blog x

Linh said...

Hey there! Isn't that picture awesome? I wish that was me...haha. We should totally swap countries bc I have been wanting to go to Australia for years! Thx for stopping by :) You should follow me...I'm having a giveaway for a free gift card! Look for my posting a few days ago. Good luck friend :)

stephanie said...

Are you from Texas? I'm visitng there in a few weeks. Would love to knwo if there's any places i just MUST go to! Thanks linh!

Linh said...

Morning Stephanie! Yes, I live in Texas :) Would love to help you out. Will email you...thx for stopping by!