Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays: I Dream of Genie (Pants)

Hi lovelies.  I know this is a day late, but since I was sick yesterday, I had to post this today.  I couldn't leave you guys hanging.  This look is TOTALLY in this season!  I gotta be honest - I am not a huge fan of them.  Yes, they are comfy but anything that makes me look bigger than I really am is no bueno.  However, I will make an exception with this look. I would sport these cutout trousers by YSL in a heartbeat. Do you love this trend or not? Let me hear...

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{Image via Fashion Gone Rogue}


Jayme and Mendi said...

This is a hot look for sure but not too sure I could pull it off since I'm not tall and lean. :-)


Mariam et Olivia said...

the pants is really nice, we love it

Kisses from France.
O & M

Fashion Cappuccino said...

They're not for everyone but I do love palazzo pants and they look really cute with crop tops! xoxoxoo

Linh said...

Jayme/Mendi: I bet you could totally pull this off - tall or short. Ms. Kim Kardashian wears them and she's only 5'2'' :)

Miraiam et Ollivia: Well hello! Thanks for stopping by. Ahh France...I'd love to visit one day.

Fashion Cappuccino: I think I love these pants so much because of the cutout and amazing color. I am so into the red/orange shades right now, esp for Spring.