Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Tip - Hiring A Videographer

Image via PopVideoHouston

Capturing your wedding is an important decision to make.  Most couples fixate on finding the perfect wedding photographers, but have you considered hiring a videographer also?  

We were lucky enough to find our photographers easily, but I had to interview countless videographers before making a decision.  Some of our closest friends regret not having a video of their wedding day to look back at.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, but a video captures the words, expressions, and reactions of that exact moment in time.  

Most companies offer packages and discounts if you purchase your photos and video together and vendors are always willing to work with you so don't be afraid to ask!  You will learn the art of me, I did.

Watch this video from Aisle Dash on Choosing a Wedding Videographer:

Here are a few "terms" to familiarize yourself with:
Cinematic: A style of wedding videography in which the footage is edited to tell a story, similar to a short film.
Digital video: Also called DV. Most wedding videos are now filmed and stored in digital format. 
Documentary: A style of wedding videography (also called photojournalistic) in which raw footage unfolds to tell the story of the day.
High-definition video: Also called HD video, this high-resolution option allows wedding videos to be viewed on Blu-ray or DVD.
Outtakes: Footage that does not make it into the final video. This often includes "bloopers" or other missteps that can be fun to include in their own section of the wedding video.
Raw footage: The hours of video filmed by a videographer prior to any editing.
Same-day edit: For immediate gratification, some videographers can compile highlight footage from earlier in the day into a video that is played at the reception.
Short-form video: Most weddings are short form, meaning the length of the video is about an hour or less.
Streaming video: A continuous stream of video that is played on the Internet, rather than downloaded. To share highlights from the day with guests, wedding videos can be streamed on a couple's Web site post-nuptials.